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Bike need a tweak?

Professional, passionate and personable bicycle maintenance and repairs, servicing all types of bike from a fully equipped private workshop on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, hybrids, fold-up bikes, electric bikes, cargo bikes, and kids bikes - be they boutique or basic, race bike or runabout, we want to keep you on (or get you back on) the road, trail, pump track, or bike path!

Collection & return possible.

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Come to Seaforth Cycle Works if…

…your bike needs fine-tuning, a clean-up and a general once-over, a particular part changing or repairing, or a full strip-down and rebuild. need tubeless tyres installed (compressor FTW!).

...your mountain bike brakes need bleeding, or your dropper post is playing up.

…you want to get your bikes sorted ready to take away on holiday.

…you’ve bought a part online that you need installing.

...your best bike needs careful attention to detail.

...your MTB suspension needs a light service or the travel needs to be adjusted.

…you need guidance, advice and support for a custom bike build, or you’ve collected everything for your dream custom bike and need someone experienced to build it for you. need an existing bike fit replicated onto a second bike.

…you’ve bought a bike that needs building or checking over ready for a birthday, or you've seen a secondhand bike that you'd like to be inspected before buying it. need bike buying guidance for yourself or for a gift.'ve travelled from overseas and need your bike rebuilt, or you're travelling overseas and need a bike packed into a bike bag or box. need tubular tyres (singles) to be glued onto your wheels.

…you don't know about bikes but have a particular issue - send a pic of the problem with an explanation of what’s happening, we can work it out. simply can't get into your usual bike shop because they're too busy!

We are in Seaforth and can collect and drop off bikes in the local area if needed (incurs an additional fee).

All parts used are genuine and sourced from Australian distributors.

See below for service options. As a general rule, we charge $130 per hour plus parts (billed to the nearest 15mins), but we're happy to quote a job price if you would prefer.

We are fully insured too.

Service Options

Service options are detailed below. You can use the 'BOOK NOW' button or the booking widget above to book service, or to book individual maintenance options as required.

If you don't see what you need, use the 'EMAIL FOR QUOTE' button below, or one of the other contact options listed below.

Basic Service

$ 130 (approx. 1hr)
  • Check & tune brakes
  • Check & tune gears
  • Basic clean
  • Check & torque bolts
  • Check tyres
  • Wheels & spokes checked
  • Headset checked
  • Bottom bracket (BB) checked
  • Advice/recommendations

Better Service

$ 195 (roughly 90mins)
  • Check & tune brakes
  • Check & tune gears
  • Scrub chain & cassette
  • Detailed clean
  • Check & torque bolts
  • Check tyres
  • Spokes checked & wheels trued
  • Headset checked & adjusted
  • BB checked & adjusted
  • Hubs checked
  • 1-3 parts fitted (excluding parts cost)
  • Advice/recommendations

Best Service

$ 350 (min. 3hrs work)
  • Check & tune brakes
  • Check & tune gears
  • Thorough clean
  • Degrease chain & cassette
  • Cables replaced
  • Lube chain & cables
  • Check & torque bolts
  • Spokes checked & wheels trued
  • Headset cleaned, greased & adjusted
  • BB cleaned, greased & adjusted
  • Hubs checked & greased
  • Brakes bled (disc bikes)
  • New brake pads fitted (pad cost not included)
  • New tyres installed (tyre cost not included)
  • Required parts fitted (excludes cost of parts)
  • Other maintenance by agreement (may incur additional cost)

Specific Work

  • Quoted at customer's request
  • Work billed to the nearest 20mins
  • $130 per hour base rate
  • Puncture repairs $20 + tube cost
  • Contact for specific requests

About Rich...


Lance Armstrong famously called his book "It's Not About The Bike". Just one more thing for me to disagree with him on... For me it absolutely is as much about the bike as it is about the riding.

Bikes are a passion. I've long considered them a fascinating and beautiful object. I've worked on bikes for 30 years, including a stint managing a London bike shop and a mechanic gigs at Sydney shops. I spent ten years writing about bikes too, reviewing bikes, kit, and components for my own blog, then for Cycle EXIF (now called alongside guest articles for the likes of The Ride Journal. If you search, you can still find some of my stuff on Medium.

I regularly work on high-end bikes, from the big label bike brands to the most custom handbuilt exotica. 'Build parties’ on mate’s bikes are a firm favourite (you bring the beer, I'll build the bike!). Whilst I still run rim brakes and tubular tyres (aka singles / sew-ups) on my own road bikes, I have owned, built and worked on countless disc brake road, gravel, mountain and fat bikes.

On the subject of which, I come from mountain bikes, cutting my teeth building myself rigid MTBs with cantilever brakes in the '90s, followed by a singlespeed phase, through to full bling lightweight XC disc brake full-suspension race machines. I also have a love for fat bikes having owned one as a trail bike and riding them on the snow in Canada. You'll find me out on the trails around Manly Dam and Bantry Bay a few times a week in my Seaforth Cycle Works jersey.

And yes, that is a wooden bike I’m riding…

Contact & Socials

0478 075 450  //

Click the icon below to start a message in Facebook Messenger


Bike industry time aside, I had a lengthy career in packaging - the final few years of which had a sustainability focus. Needless to say, environmental sustainability is very close to my heart. It is great to finally start to see some real change in this area in the cycling community, particularly with the likes of Shimano making notable changes to their packaging to make it easier to recycle.

Whenever possible I source parts from as close to home as I can. To that point, I use Goon Wash to ensure I'm not using anything nasty when I clean your bikes, and to make sure I'm not buying a cleaning product that has been shipped from the other side of the world (I'm looking at you, big pink UK brand who shall not be named). I source rags from RCYCL or a local supplier which are made up of cut-up old clothes and linen.

Whilst I tend to replace punctured innertubes, I do keep old tubes. I either repair them for our my use, or cut them up to use as rubber bands, or to add a neat finishing detail when wrapping road bike bar tape. They also make good chain stay protectors for mountain bikes. Anything else is taken to a local tyre & innertube recycler.

This is a home-based company and we can proudly state that we are now solar powered! We have a worm farm to make better use of our food scraps, and we're also in the process of making changes to our broadband supply (amongst other things) to minimise the impact we make.

Even this website is hosted with a company that has a green policy. It uses a single page 'long scroll' design to prevent CO2 being wasted in loading multiple pages (yes, 'digital sustainability' is a thing), and we have optimised the few images we use and eliminated video to ensure it retains a low footprint (whilst it doesn't dazzle according to the Website Carbon Calculator, it is still only one long page, rather than a whole batch of pages that generate excess CO2; and it scores below average for CO2 consumption too).

There is still a long way to go, both individually and across the industry, and I'm always looking for more things that I can do -  but small steps are the start of a bigger movement...

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